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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make money from Tweets!

For people who uses tweeter a lot to spread's a good program to use and generate some cash while using it.
Check it out and follow their instructions.
very easy.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I found a site recently where you can money and see the results quick. It really isn't hard...and its like myspace where you earn money. I don't think there's a large number of members yet on this one but who knows.
I'm still new to the site and still messing with it...Haven't really done as much since I'm a lil busy with outside stuff.
I think the concept is pretty is as easy as it looks.

Here's my url:

This is some description of how you make money throught this website.

*A new member sign up with picture gets $5.00 on your account.
(so make sure you upload a picture so you get the bonus.)
without a pic is basically $0.
*Logging in is 1cent
(once daily)

*profile comment 2cents
(10 comments daily)

*Profile Views 1cent
(I would suggest to make more friends)

*Create a blog 10cents
(4 blogs daily)

*Upload videos 15 cents
(don't knowthe limit per day)

*Create Group 2cents
(don't know the limit per day)

*Blog comments 2cents
(10 comments daily)

*Video Comments 2cents
(5 comments daily)

*Join Group/Comment 2cents
(5 replies to discussion daily)

*Photo comment 2cents
(10 comments daily)

*Band comments 2cents
(5 comments daily)

*Post Classified 10cents
(10 classifieds daily)

The Payment method is you should sign up for it. If your not familiar check out the site. Its very well protected from fraud and is used by many online businesses.
If your not registered with paypal, they will sent you a check via the postal service.
The preferred method of payment can be set and it has a minimum of $50.
I think its easy to achieve if you are a very active member and your online a lot.

Here's my url again:

If you reach your pay out using the process to earn the money from the site and found yourself not will lose your pay-out.
so make sure your an active member.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I see a lot of blogs that are already signed up with adgitize. This one just started last year.

"About"(Got this from the website)

The Company Profile
Adgitize was founded by Ken Brown to provide an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. A social gathering area in our forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging, advertising, earning revenues and raise blog traffic growth. Adgitize has a unique point system that translates into real dollars for bloggers with blogs of all sizes big or small.

Adgitize began in the summer of 2008 by the developer of the successful web site You Can Learn Series.

Mission Statement
Adgitize will help bloggers gain traffic, interact with other blogs, grow their blog into a successful business and gain much needed fellowship with the blogosphere. Our goal is to help bloggers get “World Class Advertising on a Blogger’s Budget.”

If you havent registered yet, You should do so now.

I signed up myself a while ago.
(just click on any of the images or links below, it will lead you to the process)

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize - Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget


Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize your web site.