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Friday, October 15, 2010

Flixya and Mediaflix - Video Revenue sharing sites

I was searching for some Video revenue sharing sites since I make my own videos when I have time on my hands. I guess it'd be cool if I could at least try to make money by publishing it and rather than just showing it to people for fun and gather viewers and subscribers. So far, I only registerered on two sites which and
If you know how this works, then your good. But if not, very simple: You will need your Pub-ID which is on the right top of the screen when you sign in to your adsense account. Something like this; "Pub-XXXXXXXXXXX". Then you copy and paste to the box that is given when you registered at the sites. Usually they are on Account settings.

Both are actually cool.
Here's my referral links;
Flixya I believe from my observation has more people registered and you get views, comments, and messages quickly, but also be aware of spammers. Other than that, its cool. Just make sure to read the policy and guidelines when uploading. You can blog on this site too,and make more money when you refer friends.

I just registered on this site two Days Ago I think. The concept is very similar to or vice versa since I registered on Flixya first. There aren't a lot of people registered on this site I think, but from time i believe it will grow quickly. It doesn't hurt to try. Always make sure to read guidelines and policies before upoading so your adsense account do not get banned.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adsense Sharing Revenue Sites

TagfootrI've been doing some research lately about making money with adsense and the best sharing revenue adsense sites where u give/share your little adsense/Publisher ID. well to be honest, there is actually a lot of good sites and not so good. I neve really thought of sharing revenue with other sites to bring traffic and earning money. I guess this is the best way to start the spark through adsense and it really does work. Here are the one's Ive been messing with lately and they are pretty much relate to blogging, submitting articles, videos, etc.

you share 50% with adsense and Amazon as well if you have one.
Earn money by referring friends as well.
this is sorta my favorite at the moment because you can connect it with your RSS Feeds meaning you can blog your blogs and it will appear on YOusaytoo also...isnt that cool?
keep100% of your Adsense and make with Chitika too if u have.
This one is the easiest...just post links here and two or three sentences - your good to go. Great way to promote article blogs.
keep 60% of your adsense and make money with Amazon, ebay, Konter(I dont have this one), so whatever you have. Great way to bring traffic.
This is pretty much like blogging. its like writing an article very structured...I didn't get it at first, but now I know how to make a hub.
keep 75% of the ad impressions and also Chitika.
Haven't really messed with this one yet hopefully this week when I get A chance, it seems like a great potential.
SHare 50% of your Adsense and make money with Kontera, Amazon, Chitika too.
Earn money by referring friends as well.
100% percent of your adsense revenues from bogs picture and photo uploads.
Lots of ways to earn revenue hre, be creative is the hint.
You keep 75& percent of your adsense.
its a place where people come to give and receive tips on just about anything.
here you can ask and answer questions. and you can post links on your page.
You share 50% of your adsense.
It feels like Im just blogging here. its like hubpages or and the site looks cool.
50% of your adsense.
Im still working on this. It doesn't seem like a lot of people go on this one, but it would help with bringing traffic.
Share 50% of your Adsense. I have posted one trend here...and havent really felt the effect, but im pretty sure ii I spend a little more time, I will hit me. I think this has "cool Site" vibe where you get the new idea stuff in the community.
don't know exactly how muchyou have have to share but they do share it to the users.
Maybe im not reading the guidelines well...but check it out newayz.
you can ask and answer questions here, so no worries about long statements, but you coud too, if you need to.

You can stay with just one your comfortable with, and you could try to get the hang of each, experiment-I think its better that way so you dont overwhelm yourself. Its not a really get rich quick, but it will be a good source of income as you progress.
I will be posting more sites like these later on...There are tons of them that I have to check out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

maximimise your blog readership, Increase your ads revenue by partnering up with
You can even upload flash games and make revenue as well from them.
You split your Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate impressions when you partner up with the site.
They have a lot of stuff to offer once you start exploring the site.
You can either make money for yourself or donate what you make for a cause.

I only have written a couple of Blogs since I partner up with them and they don't take your old publish post(only the ones when you register)...and the actual impressions i'm getting from the site has increased.
You can also connect it to your facebook.

Usually other social blogging sites offers you the same capabilities, but you never feel the effect, but this one does. Its like BlogCatalog where you can centralize all of your existing Blogs and maximize your readers, but this one - you earn traffic and also earn money.

This will save you time because its all connected using your RSS feeds and they promote each of your posts.

Try it for yourself...
here's my refferal link

If you are signing up,.please please please use my referral link if you found it on my site as this will increase my revenue and its better to be Straight-forward.

Thank you

Friday, January 22, 2010

I found this site recently and I thought it would be good to share this to others who wants to earn some cash from blogging..and this basically what my blog is for.. There are other similar sites like this, but this one seem to hit the cool note...I tried it overnight, when I woke up this morning already got some clicks...Its wasn't a lot yet but I could see clearly how it works.

About LinkBucks:(got this from the site)

We aren't a fly-by-night or a startup -- Linkbucks was started in late 2005 and has been going strong ever since. We have never missed a payment, and have been a solid partner for our advertisers.

Ads that don't distract your visitors
If there's one thing web surfers hate, it's being bombarded by flashing "Warning" ads from every corner of a web page. This is why our service is based around links that you control. With Linkbucks, you get paid to link to whatever you want.

Make money from your outbound traffic - not your loyal visitors
Because of the way most ad networks are set up, sites are encouraged to annoy their loyal visitors in order to earn their money. Linkbucks changes that by monetizing your outbound traffic instead. Now you can earn money by linking to the site you would anyway.

High rates, paid twice per month
Our relationships with leading marketers enable us to pay rates above and beyond the industry standard. Also, unlike most ad companies that only pay out every few months, we send your money every two weeks.
Specific solutions for your site
We're willing to work closely with you to help keep monetize your site. We have custom programs for forums and blogs.

A partner you can trust
Linkbucks has been operating since 2005. We have a proven track record of paying all our affiliates, and have never missed a payment.

My referral link: