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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Found this site on one of the group discussions in
I think this really cool since you don't have to click on the ads in order to get paid. You will need 1000 impressions in order to receive at $3.60. At least you can concentrate more on just driving more traffic onto your site. Its also a good adsense alternative if your account get suspended or something.

Here are the rules to follow from the site:

*Accept interational members

*Accept United States,Canada,Australia,West Europe Traffic

*You can put the banner on as many sites as you wish. All the traffic will be counted in the same way..

*Earn Up To $3.6 Per 1000 Times Valid Impression

*We Count Per IP Every 24 Hours !

*Low $5 Paypal (3% fee) Payout

*Low $0.1 LibertyReserve(5%) Payout

*Payouts will be made weekly!

*Inactive Members Will Be Deleted Every 30 Days!

*1 Referral Levels Of Commission Under You - Level 1 - 10%