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Friday, October 15, 2010

Flixya and Mediaflix - Video Revenue sharing sites

I was searching for some Video revenue sharing sites since I make my own videos when I have time on my hands. I guess it'd be cool if I could at least try to make money by publishing it and rather than just showing it to people for fun and gather viewers and subscribers. So far, I only registerered on two sites which and
If you know how this works, then your good. But if not, very simple: You will need your Pub-ID which is on the right top of the screen when you sign in to your adsense account. Something like this; "Pub-XXXXXXXXXXX". Then you copy and paste to the box that is given when you registered at the sites. Usually they are on Account settings.

Both are actually cool.
Here's my referral links;
Flixya I believe from my observation has more people registered and you get views, comments, and messages quickly, but also be aware of spammers. Other than that, its cool. Just make sure to read the policy and guidelines when uploading. You can blog on this site too,and make more money when you refer friends.

I just registered on this site two Days Ago I think. The concept is very similar to or vice versa since I registered on Flixya first. There aren't a lot of people registered on this site I think, but from time i believe it will grow quickly. It doesn't hurt to try. Always make sure to read guidelines and policies before upoading so your adsense account do not get banned.